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    China to increase effective ecological investments

    China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment has urged efforts to promote investment growth in the field of ecology and the environment amid efforts to stabilize the country's economy.

    Top political advisor meets with CPC members of Taiwan origin

    China's top political advisor Wang Yang has urged Communist Party of China (CPC) delegates of Taiwan origin to earnestly perform their duties and make due contributions to the Party's 20th national congress.

    G7 summit opens amid lower expectations, protests

    Leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) kicked off their three-day annual summit on Sunday in Schloss Elmau in south Germany's Bavarian Alps amid lower expectations and protests.

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    What Shakespeare can teach us about China-EU relations

    Although Shakespeare is most known for his contributions to the English language, his works also reveal important insights into human nature that can offer guidance in China-EU relations.


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